About this location

Our Southpointe location is like the “Cheers” bar of banks, and you’ll quickly notice the friendliness when you visit.

“Your first impression when you walk in is that everyone knows your name, and they do,” said Dina Volk, vice president and the Southpointe branch manager.

When the branch opened in 2000, it was supposed to be a temporary location until the company could find a building that would allow for a drive-up. It turns out it wasn’t needed.

“Customers are willing to come to this location solely for the experience they get with the customer service representatives,” said Dina, who started at the branch as a teller when it opened. “Not only do the customers enjoy this location, but the staff does too. Anyone who has worked at Southpointe appreciates the intimacy and how relaxed and fun we try to make it.”

If this is your favorite branch, you’re not alone. Many customers and employees say the Southpointe location, with its hometown feeling, is their favorite.

Dina Volk

VP/Branch Manager